Gawd, this is just the perfect follow-up to an earlier post about the manly man pretense

I didn’t intend to have it happen that way today, but I’ve already done two posts on manliness and, as I type, have the perfect third to the trio.

The first post was about Obama’s insistence that a member of the few, the proud, and the umbrella carriers take care of him before he melted.

The second post was about a bumper sticker I saw today, in which a manly, obscene man then insisted that he liked having the government treat him like a baby.  Right.  You can’t be both, dude.

And then, right on schedule, this third thing fell into my lap:

Men who are physically strong are more likely to take a right wing political stance, while weaker men are inclined to support the welfare state, according to a new study.

Researchers discovered political motivations may have evolutionary links to physical strength.

Men’s upper-body strength predicts their political opinions on economic redistribution, according to the research.

Yup.  That pretty much sums it up.  The stronger I’ve gotten (age has tempered my strength), the less interested I am in having the government serve as a Mommy/Daddy proxy.  Some men, however, remain weedy wimps forever.