It’s time for Christians to stand up against the Gay Mafia

Gays protesting El CoyoteMy super-smart sister-in-law wrote the following rant and gave me permission to share it with you:

Dear Christians,

I think you are taking this “turn the other cheek’ thing too far. Please don’t let yourself get thrown to the lions again while you clasp hands and pray. This is one problem that will not go away just by being moral and living right.

When Californians voted (against) gay marriage in 2008, “No H8” signs appeared everywhere. In a popular Mexican restaurant in Los Angeles, El Coyote, a Mormon employee donated a mere $100 to support traditional marriage. For weeks shrieking gays harassed patrons in the parking lot, ultimately intimidating this woman out of her restaurant for many months.

It might seem a tad much for a mere $100 donation, but Gays said they took her donation personally because they had patronized her business and she had always been pleasant and nice to them. So, they felt betrayed by her. Her religious beliefs were merely manifestations of hate in their eyes and her pleasantness was interpreted as merely hypocritical betrayal.

The Gay Lobby has made it very clear they will ruin you professionally and financially if you stray from overt support of them. They have made it personal. The message is that religion, specifically Christianity, hates. Religious people, specifically Christians, are haters. Religious practitioners, specifically Christians, will be sued.

Moslems may hang gays from cranes in Iran and shove them off multi-story buildings in Iraq, but it is not Moslem bakers who will be sued and harassed. It is normative, All-American, nuclear-family, flag-waving Christians, like Chick-fil-A or Hobby Lobby. Or tiny family owned businesses like Sweet Cakes.

Look at Brendan Eich, fired from the company he founded over a small donation in support of traditional marriage.

Look at El Coyote and the others who were fired from their jobs for their beliefs because of outside pressure or because their colleagues created a hostile environment, effectively driving them out.

Look at the baker couple, the Kleins, in Oregon, who were forced to close their business and pay an extortionist lesbian couple for declining to bake them a wedding cake. The couple wasn’t satisfied with exposing them in the media, or complaining about them. They had to ruin them. This is persecution of people of faith in service businesses.

Next step will be to sue ministers, priests, and rabbis for refusing to perform gay marriages. They are already harassing religious institutions as discriminatory H8 sites that should be denied their tax exempt status.

Gays represent about 2 percent (despite claims of 10 or 20 percent) of our population and they deserve all human rights. But they do not have the right to force more than 30 percent of Americans to abandon their religious freedom. This country was founded on religious and personal liberty. Remember that.

So, let’s do a little walk through of this Oregon baker situation. Questions about this case remain unanswered. Had this lesbian couple always been treated decently and respectfully and never denied service at any other time? In other words, had they NEVER been discriminated against for being lesbians by this bakery? (One must also remember that gay marriage was not even legal in Oregon at that time).

Did they know ahead of time that these bakers were devout Christians and specifically chose to go to them as a gotcha? Were they refused politely and respectfully to serve at their wedding but assured that any other request would be honored? Did the lesbian couple immediately assume they were victims of persecution and H8 dogma or did they try to understand the point of view of the bakers? Clearly the lesbian couple and the judge took it personally.

Any defense on religious grounds is seen as hate. But who really are the haters here? Is it the spittle-flecked mobs at El Coyote who tried to destroy the livelihood and reputation of a nice older lady who always treated them kindly? For a mere $100? How vindictive. How childish. How petty. And how intolerant.

Justice Kennedy claims the Supreme Court decision won’t infringe on religious freedom. If Christians remain as passive as they have been, though, it will. You are dealing with people who see themselves as your opponents. If people disagree with them they ruin businesses, slander, destroy reputations and livelihoods. They stalk addresses and dig up dirt.

So, why hasn’t anyone looked into the suing couple in Oregon? Or the creepy judge? Why do they get to bully with impunity while you sit passively?

Mock their tactics. Call them social justice totalitarians, which is what they are. But get out there, Churches, and protect your freedom of religion and do it now, do it smart, and do it with as much determination as the spittle flecked, screaming, tantrummers do (but with much more dignity and maturity). And win.