Election 2016: Forget the candidates; focus on the issues!!

8076635893_df93a7c514_ballot-boxYes, I went all doom and gloom yesterday. I worry that the pervasive corruption that the Democrat party has inflicted on the American government and on American political society does not bode well for an honest election outcome. Having said that, I realized that the most corrupt part of this entire election is the media’s successful effort to have us focus obsessively on the candidates, so as to obscure actual issues.

The two campaigns are driven by competing core visions of America: Globalism and patriotism. It is those ideas, not the two reprehensible candidates, that voters must address in the 2016 election.

Hillary’s globalist presidency will mark the finish line of the “fundamental change” that Obama has started. After her election, we will live in a post-constitutional America that

  • will abandon individual rights thanks to a hard-Left Supreme Court;
  • will have a federal government micromanaging every aspect of our lives;
  • will see that same federal government, in turn, become subordinate to the dictates of the United Nations;
  • will redistribute wealth within America and then take what little wealth remains and redistribute it to favored Third World dictatorships;
  • will abandon America’s former friends and give succor to her current enemies;
  • will stand idly by watching the existential war between fundamentalist Islam and the rest of the world, while doing nothing to prevent that war from infiltrating America;
  • will have a completely open southern border, so much so that, within a short time, America will be a majority Latin American nation, although one with a strong, dynamic Islamic presence;
  • will have fully socialized medicine, although without the third-party (i.e, American) funding that kept Europe’s socialized medicine afloat during the Cold War;
  • will be racially divided, with permanent hostility between the races;
  • will marginalize men who are already the victims of unprecedented overt and covert animus; and
  • will have unlimited abortion that runs from the time a fetus is aborted until an old man is euthanized.

Trump’s patriotic presidency will, one hopes, prevent the dystopian future that follows in Hillary’s wake. Instead, his election will inaugurate a return to what looks and smells like a pre-9/11, late-20th century world, one that:

  • will have a somewhat balanced court with both constitutionalists and Leftists;
  • will still maintain traditional constitutional rights, including but not limited to religious liberty, free speech, due process, the right to bear arms, etc.
  • will have a federal government that is still way too big, but that operates within the normal parameters most of us are used to from life in the late 20th century;
  • will not take orders from the United Nations;
  • will have lower taxes on corporations and the middle class so that, rather than having the government spending money into oblivion, allows individuals to spend it in ways that create wealth;
  • will not bankrupt America chasing the extremely dubious, and definitely corrupt, “science” of climate change;
  • will continue to stand by America’s friends (although finally demanding that many finally step up their contributions as called for under international treaties) and will continue to stand up to America’s enemies;
  • will fight to win the existential war against radical Islam, both at home and abroad;
  • will have meaningful borders and will enforce existing immigration laws;
  • will have market-based medical insurance that promises to provide the best medical care to the greatest number of people (who will be able to choose their doctors and their hospitals);
  • will unite the American people without respect to race, religion, country of natural origin, sex, or any other dividers, provided that they buy into core American values;
  • will allow men to be men in all their wonderfulness;
  • will value life so that, while abortion will not be made illegal, it will not be unlimited and euthanasia will not be the go-to remedy for socialized medicine’s failures.

Don’t let the media fool you (again) into thinking that the candidates are the most important thing in this election. The above outcomes are, instead, what really matters. Although the media is painting this as a duel between two people (and is gaming the duel in order to ensure Hillary’s victory), you have to focus on the fact that these two people — incompetent and corrupt Hillary, on the one hand, and gross Donald, on the other hand — are simply vehicles for the true fight, which is between diametrically opposed visions of the United States.

If you are a globalist, go ahead and vote for Hillary in Election 2016. Her corruption, her treasonous violation of national security lies, her compulsive dishonesty, and her incompetence are irrelevant. Once she’s carried across the finish line, the same forces that put her in the White House will ensure the culmination of her hard-Left American vision, one that she’s carried within her since her days at Wellesley.

If you are a patriot, please vote for Trump in Election 2016. His moral decay, compulsive boasting, and soft Leftism are irrelevant. Once he’s carried across the finish line, the same forces that put him in the White House (the People’s mandate and as well as the people with whom Trump surrounds himself) will, we hope, stop the bleeding that Obama started and return America to some semblance of the nation we recognize from the second half of the 20th century. It will not be a conservative paradise, but it may well be salvageable, unlike Hillary’s America.

(And one random aside: Why, according to the Left, is everything Trump says a lie, except when he predictably boasts about his non-specific sexual conquests, at which point the Leftist establishment is certain that he’s telling the absolute truth?)

Photo by FutUndBeidl