VIDEO: Tucker Carlson politely eviscerates an ignorant, angry snowflake

tucker-carlson-erin-schrodeBefore I get to the video of Tucker Carlson politely eviscerating Erin Schrode, an ignorant, hysterical special snowflake, I think you ought to get to know more about her. Her background goes a long way to explaining how we’ve lost a generation to the cultural dead-ends of identity politics, group victimization, scientific ignorance, an absence of logical reasoning, and a generalized hysteria. So please bear with me for a few minutes before we get to the video itself.

Twenty-five year old Schrode is a very high-profile typical Progressive millennial, in part because she set up a climate change hysteric organization, in part because she’s pretty so she got hooked into the MSM as someone worth interviewing (ABC, NBC, Glamour Magazine, Teen Vogue, Seventeen, etc.), and in part because she recently ran for Congress and, thank goodness, lost. During her candidacy, she came in for a lot of grief from Alt-Right antisemites, which is inexcusable. Like all Leftists, though, she seems incapable of understanding that America’s academic institutions long-ago gave the green light to antisemitism — so what started and became mainstream on the Left is now seeping into a small, disgusting corner of the hard Right.

Schrode’s bio reads almost like a parody of a young Leftist. She grew up in deep Blue Marin County and attended New York University where she got a degree in Social and Cultural Analysis. I took the time to go to the NYU website to learn what this type of degree means. Not a lot, as it happens. Someone holding that degree is entirely ignorant about everything except for a hardcore indoctrination in identity politics victimization:

The Department of Social and Cultural Analysis (SCA) is trans-disciplinary in nature, incorporating critical methodologies and theoretical insights from such fields as social geography, feminism and queer studies, ethnic studies, critical race theory, labor studies, and cultural studies. Our courses combine topics and methods spanning the humanities and social sciences, and are organized around themes such as urbanization, commodification, movement of peoples, transnational exchange, identity formations, and ethnic and disaporic cultures.

You will not be surprised, after reading that description, to learn that the areas of study for a Social and Cultural Analysis major are limited to the following:

Africana Studies
American Studies
Asian/Pacific/American Studies
Gender and Sexuality Studies
Latino Studies
Metropolitan Studies
Social and Cultural Analysis

You will also not be surprised to learn the careers the Social and Cultural Studies department considers appropriate for its graduates:

Students completing work in the Department are well prepared either for graduate study or for careers in such fields as education, international relations, law, non-profit administration, community organizing, public policy, and urban and regional planning.

They are going to remake the world in ways most of us would view with complete horror.

If you’re thinking that NYU’s mandatory core curriculum serves as something of a counterweight to this generalized, victim-centered ignorance, you are way too optimistic about the state of higher education in America today. After much boastful language about how the core curriculum is meant to help students grow and learn in areas the department heads think important, and that the students might find interesting, you learn that the core curriculum teaches students nothing about their world which, whether they like it or not, is an amalgam of Western civilization — its culture, knowledge, history, and science. Instead, they get classes that teach a Progressive curriculum. Except for the really hard science classes, which I can guarantee you that a liberal arts major such as Schrode wouldn’t take, everything bleeds into Progressive environmental politics. Here’s a representative example:

FALL 2016 CORE-UA 203, Physical Science: Energy & the Environment

This course explores the scientific foundations of current environmental issues and the impact of this knowledge on public policy. One goal of the course is to examine several topics of pressing importance and lively debate in our society – e.g., global warming, the quest for clean air and water, atmospheric ozone depletion, and the continuing search for viable sources of energy. A parallel goal is to develop the chemical, physical, and quantitative principles that are necessary for a deeper understanding of these environmental issues. The relevant topics include the structure of atoms and molecules, the interaction of light with matter, energy relationships in chemical reactions, and the properties of acids and bases. Throughout the course we also examine how scientific studies of the environment are connected to political, economic and policy concerns. The laboratory experiments are closely integrated with the lecture topics and provide hands-on explorations of central course themes. Overall, this course will provide you with the foundation to carefully evaluate environmental issues and make informed decisions about them.

And here’s another one, which starts out standing like a normal science class, only to end up being an indoctrination seminar about the horrors of America and the Western world:

FALL 2016 CORE-UA 312, Life Science: Earth, Life & Time

Over the last four billion years, life on Earth has evolved in response to changes in the environment. At the same time, major innovations in the history of life have led to transformations of the Earth’s physical environment. We examine the history of the intimate relationship between the Earth’s changing environment and the evolution of life on the planet. This long-term historical perspective provides a context for understanding current environmental issues such as global warming, tropical deforestation, and loss of biodiversity.

Or take this one, which is ostensibly about the human brain but, in fact, is intended to ensure that those students who don’t enter college mentally ill leave it questioning their mental health:

FALL 2016 CORE-UA 313, Life Science: The Brain — A User’s Guide

A non-textbook introductory science course aimed at non-science students interested understanding and caring for their own brains. The course provides new ideas of brain evolution, drug action and mental disorders. Core neurobiological ideas are developed into complex topics such as addiction, violence, memory, homosexuality and obesity. Each lecture provides current insights confronting students. The important subjects of drugs and alcohol introduce current mechanism of action for abuse of illegal (e.g. marijuana and ecstasy) and prescription (e.g. Xanax, Oxycodone, and Adderall) drugs. The course ends with coverage of clinical topics such as depression, suicide, anxiety, autism and ADHD. A weekly laboratory is included in this class which consist of brain dissections, microscopy, and computer assisted morphometry as well as exercises to cover topics such as alcohol measurement, calorie determination, photosynthesis and gender differences.

It doesn’t get better in the non-science areas of the “core curriculum.” There are no classes about our Western culture, but you can learn about Italy, Russia, Brazil, Latin America, Islamic Societies, etc. The classes might be interesting, but you will learn nothing about what makes America exceptional, about our Bill of Rights, about our rare history of fighting for freedom. It just doesn’t exist in the core curriculum. You can review the courses here to get an idea about what they teach and what they don’t teach.

After leaving NYU, Schrode, as I mentioned above, went on to become an activist who has gotten a great deal of airplay in the American media — especially in that part of the media directed at young women: “She has been featured in Glamour Magazine, Seventeen Magazine, Teen Vogue and Cosmopolitan Magazine.”

Okay, now that you know more about Schrode — Progressive youth, Progressive education, media darling as a role model for young women — you can watch Tucker Carlson rip her to shreds over her anger, ad hominem attacks, and generalized ignorance. The video’s ostensible subject is Shrode’s attack on Trump’s nominating Scott Pruitt to head the EPA. The real subject, though, is how mentally inadequate this much-celebrated young woman is. I’m really impressed by the arrogance of the Progressives who trek to Carlson’s show, thinking that they can look anything but paranoid and ill-informed. I’m also really depressed that it took someone like Donald Trump to figure out how to out-communicate and therefore beat these idiots.

One more thing: A lot of people over the years have asked me about American Jews’ relentless loyalty to the Democrat party and increasingly extreme Progressive views. I used to give convoluted answers about American Jews being shunned by white-shoe Republicans, about Communism being the refuge against antisemitic fascism (never mind that Stalin’s Jewish purges revealed that the Left, across the board, is antisemitic), the pride of choosing the correct side in the Civil Rights movement of the 1960s, and about the fact that the Leftist canard that “fascism” was “right wing” meant that Jews reflexively gravitated to the Left wing.

I’ve abandoned all those arguments. You know why Jews are hardcore, ignorant, self-hating Progressives? Because Jewish Americans attend college in disproportionate numbers:

And while 27% of Americans have had college or postgraduate education, fifty-nine percent (66% of Reform Jews) of American Jews have, the second highest of any religious group after American Hindus. 31% of American Jews hold a graduate degree, this figure is compared with the general American population where 11% of Americans hold a graduate degree. White collar professional jobs have been attractive to Jews and much of the community tend to take up professional white collar careers requiring tertiary education involving formal credentials where the respectability and reputability of professional jobs is highly prized within Jewish culture. While 46% of Americans work in professional and managerial jobs, 61% of American Jews work as professionals, many of whom are highly educated, salaried professionals whose work is largely self-directed in management, professional, and related occupations such as engineering, science, medicine, investment banking, finance, law, and academia.

Since the 1960s, what they’ve taken away from these colleges has not been anything remotely like a universal education. Instead, for fifty years, they have indoctrinated in Leftism, ignorance, and self-loathing antisemitism (and that’s true no matter how Jewish they claim themselves to be).