[MUST-SEE VIDEO] Watch Donald Trump “shake it off,” Taylor-Swift style

Does it get any better, after Donald Trump’s spectacularly successful first year, to watch him “Shake It Off,” Taylor Swift style?

Trump Shake it Off Taylor SwiftI missed last year this cute Auto-Tune video, which gets Trump to sing a verse and chorus from Taylor Swift’s  Shake It Off. I don’t know if I would have appreciated it last March as much as I do today. After all, in March, Trump hadn’t accomplished anything beyond getting elected. Now, though, after a brilliant first year in office, we can see just how successfully he was able to shake off all the venom and road-blocks that came his way.

Yes, the haters did “hate, hate, hate,” and they kept accusing Trump of having “nothing in his brain,” but Trump was able to “shake it off “– and while shaking, he

  • appointed an extraordinarily brilliant strict constructionist to the Supreme Court;
  • appointed 12 strict constructionist judges to the federal appellate courts;
  • defeated ISIS;
  • got Europe to pony up for NATO;
  • passed the biggest tax reform bill ever;
  • triggered and presided over a staggering economic boom;
  • began the process of non-violently defeating the Palestinians and their genocidal narrative;
  • finally did the morally, legally, and historically correct thing of acknowledging that Jerusalem is Israel’s capital and that the American embassy should therefore be located there;
  • presided over the lowest unemployment for blacks and women in almost two decades and the lowest unemployment for Hispanics ever;
  • drastically shrank the mostly unconstitutional administrative branch of government while showing no signs of stopping;
  • withdrew us from the disastrous and unconstitutional Paris Accords;
  • got North Korea to realize that there is a target on its back, in part by stopping the insane appeasement that’s been the American norm since Clinton and in part by making China understand that it needs to rein in its rogue child;
  • increased American fossil fuel production, making it the top producer in the world and, as part of that, weakening Russian power and (probably) helping push Saudi Crown Prince Salman along with his wonderful and drastically needed reforms;
  • supported the Iranian protesters trying to shake off their evil and dysfunctional government;
  • revealed mainstream media members to be whining, bullying, stupid operatives for the Democrat party;
  • made Leftists go insane (which I totally enjoyed);
  • began cracking down on pedophile sex crimes all across America (one of his least reported success stories);
  • brought back the rule of law regarding illegal immigration (go ICE); and
  • began the process of restoring a military badly damaged by Obama’s eight years in power.

Trump sure knows how to “shake it off” — so celebrate this cute video.

(And yes, I’m sure I forgot some of Trump’s accomplishments. Please remind me in the comments.)