An open letter to Democrat inner city residents and minorities

I want to help inner city residents and minorities learn that the Democrats are not their friends — and that Trump is. I’ve tried to do so in this letter.

Inner city southside neighborhood chicagoDear Inner City Residents and Minorities Who Relentlessly Vote Democrat:

If you look at economic numbers for the years from 2008 through 2016 (when Democrats-controlled Congress or when President Obama was making rules without running them through Congress first), you will notice a few very clear trends:

  1. The overall economy was bad following the 2008 recession.
  2. The overall economy never recovered for people living in inner cities, especially blacks and Hispanics. These groups had the highest unemployment and the lowest wage recovery. Incidentally, inner city communities, Hispanics, and blacks are all loyal Democrat voters.
  3. The communities that did spectacularly well during that same time — enjoying high employment, high wages — were government workers in and around Washington, D.C. and a whole bunch of Democrat white people clustered in places like the San Francisco Bay Area or the wealthy suburbs of New York and Chicago.  Many of these rich white Democrats, by the way, got rich(er) thanks to policies that allowed them to grab lots of government money. These people, too, are overwhelmingly Democrat voters.

Conclusion: Democrat policies are great for Washington bureaucrats and Democrat rich people and not so great for inner city residents, blacks, and Hispanics.

In the year since Trump became president, there have been a few more very clear trends:

  1. The overall economy has grown spectacularly.
  2. When it comes to jobs, the biggest beneficiaries have been blacks and Hispanics.
  3. Under Donald Trump, the number of government employees is shrinking drastically: employees who quit aren’t being replaced; employees who do a terrible job (for example, Veterans Administration employees who let vets die without medical care) are getting fired; and President Trump is challenging and sometimes firing upper level employees in the FBI, the IRS, the DOJ, etc., who refuse to acknowledge that he is president or to work with his administration.
  4. The people protesting most loudly against Trump, and the ones pouring the most money and energy into destroying him, are those same people who got rich (or richer) during the Obama years and who are now seeing their cozy relationship with government vanish. That is, they want to restore their glory years, not preserve and protect yours.

Conclusion: Democrats don’t care about you. If they did, they would embrace President Trump’s policies because those policies are benefiting you in ways Americans haven’t seen since the 1980s. Instead, they care only about themselves and this is true no matter how often they insist that they, and not Donald Trump, have your interests at heart.

I happen not to believe that Donald Trump is a racist. But even if he is, who cares? His policies are not racist.

And I happen not to believe Democrat claims that they are not racists. You know why? Because their policies invariably inflicted the greatest economic and social damage on blacks and Hispanics. Just as Trump’s deeds suggest an absence of racism, Democrat deeds suggest its presence.

Don’t be fooled by the headlines. The only people trying to destroy Trump and bring back the Obama years are the only ones who made money during those years — and they are definitely not you.

There’s a great quotation that insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Whenever you vote Democrat, you get poorer and they get richer — and that’s never going to change, because that’s what always happens to poor people when Democrats are in power. They get a lot of loving lip service, and some trickle-down welfare, but no wealth. Instead, their communities just get worse and worse.

Outside of the Reagan and Trump years, the damage Democrats inflict on inner cities and minorities is true even when there are Republicans in Washington, D.C. That’s because, no matter what’s going on in Washington, local Democrat politicians are still sucking wealth out of the communities, all in the name of “saving them” and “building them up” and “social justice.” Things were better during the Reagan and Trump years only because their financial growth policies were so strong they were even able to penetrate, just a bit, the straight-jacket local Democrat politicians impose on the communities in their care.

By the way, before you hare off in the wrong direction, the answer to this problem is not to kill or drive-out all the white people and then take their wealth. If you look at Zimbabwe, you can see how badly that approach to expanding wealth turns out. Except for the American Revolution, which imposed liberty, all other revolutions impose tyranny — and in a tyranny, you basically have exactly what we have now, which is a small bunch of rich people at the top and a lot of struggling people at the bottom.

The secret to wealth for the great number of people is liberty: personal liberty and a free market economy. In a free society, instead of a limited sum of money that those in power always divide unfairly (after first taking a cut for themselves), in a free society everyone can benefit. Free people use the wealth that government doesn’t hoard, misuse, or give to favorites to create things that benefit everyone . . . and that do so at ever lower prices.

Think of it this way: A tyranny is a world in which a few people shop at Saks Fifth Avenue and everyone else takes what they can find at Goodwill. A free market society with personal liberty is one in which everyone can shop at an endless variety of stores.

So, here’s a suggestion: During the midterm elections in 2018 and then again in 2020, try something new for a change. Instead of repeatedly voting for the same Democrats who put money in their pockets while you struggle in endless poverty, vote for the Republican candidate. After all, it’s hard for things to get worse for you and, as the Trump economy shows, they could get better.

Voting out the Democrats will be your revolution, as you abandon their soft tyranny (which hides self-profit behind words of “love”) and embrace conservative liberty (which can be tactless, but that always benefits the greatest number of people).

One more thing: Stop acting as if there’s a racial component to going to school, working hard, and following the law. There isn’t. These are behaviors available to all reasoning, intelligent human beings, and they almost invariably benefit economically those who follow them.

As always, political and activist Democrats are lying to you when they encourage you to engage in behaviors they personally avoid and that keep you stuck in poverty. You’d be a fool not to notice that, even as they tell you not to live a self-disciplined life, they do live that life, they stay out of jail, they get good jobs, and they make money.