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Donald Trump NOT Right Wing

Trump is not Right Wing because America has no Right Wing

American conservatives, Trump included, by definition cannot be Right Wing, because their primary goal is to lessen government control over the individual. John Lott wrote an article challenging the media’s contention that the New Zealand mosque shooter is “right wing” and, naturally, tying that right-winged-ness to President Trump and his

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Dear Elites — no, Trump is not a fascist, but Hillary probably is *UPDATED*

The hysterical screeds that self-styled “elite” Progressives are writing about Trump’s alleged fascism betray appalling historical and political ignorance. It’s time again, therefore, for an education about political systems. Before I begin, though, let me give you a perfect example of the shrill, uninformed rants from America’s supposedly educated class. This

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Ted Cruz understands that resurrecting American greatness must mean restoring the Constitution

Republican voters have a very stark choice facing them:  Do they vote for the candidate who promises to resurrect American greatness through the power of his will, or do they vote for the candidate who promises to resurrect American greatness by recognizing the Constitution’s centrality in American governance?  Maybe I’m being foolishly

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“O, Holy Night” — a beautiful song and a stark reminder of the differences between Christianity and Islam

One of the things that makes me crazy when I read through my real-me Facebook feed — which is primarily populated by liberals, given my West Coast upbringing and residence — is the constant insistence that Christianity and Islam are basically the same, with each being equally likely to result

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