AG Barr on Radical Democrats, the Disingenuous Media, Systemic Racism, Equal Rule of Law, and More

Mark Levin conducted a wide-ranging interview of AG Bill Barr that aired Sunday night. Barr is perceptive, honest, plain-spoken, and uncowed by the progressive morass he is battling.  The interview, embedded below, is enlightening.

Part I — America has fundamentally changed in the past 30 years as radicals have withdrawn from peaceful solutions by dialogue and voting.  The left is now radicalized, politics is their secular religion, they lust for power, and they want a revolution to impose their will.  ANTIFA are essentially Bolsheviks and their tactics are fascistic.  The radical left has been determined to drive Trump from office since the day he was inaugurated.  They have shredded our nation’s norms in the process.  The media is a huge part of the problem.

Part II — The media are pushing a “narrative” divorced from objective truth. They are hiding the incessant violence from public and are instead uniform — and uniformly lying — that the riots are mere peaceful protests.  All black lives matter, not just the lives of blacks involved in police incidents.  There is systemic racism in America, the educational system that has relegated inner-city children to failing schools.  We also need to be providing safety to the inner-city areas.

Part III — It was apparent to all in DOJ that the Michael Flynn case was “hincky.” Flynn did nothing wrong in his phone calls to the Russian ambassador, nor did the FBI people who interviewed Flynn feel that he was lying. There was no legitimate investigative purpose for the Flynn interview; the prosecution of Flynn was wholly political. The “rule of law” means that laws have to be applied equally. Yet no civil liberty group has spoken in support of DOJ ending the Flynn prosecution. As to the Russia Hoax, it is the “doomsday scenario of abuse of government power.” The media supported this obscenity and fanned the flames. Barr has no intention of using the law as a political tool. He will only be indicting people whom he believes can be shown beyond a reasonable doubt to have broken a law.

Part IV — State governments have approached Covid-19 as if they have unfettered authority. No, the Constitution still applies. For instance, Churches cannot be treated worse than commercial operations. It goes to the rule of law.

Part V — Mail-in voting threatens confidence in the outcome. This is a recipe for chaos and a contested election. The media prior to 2016 regularly reported the problems of fraud with mail-in voting.

Part VI — Barr has found the “ugliness” at DOJ to be worse than he expected. He has great respect for Trump, his work ethic, his intelligence, and his empathy.