The female deputy in Compton and motherhood *UPDATED*

When I watched that badly wounded female deputy care for her partner, all I could think of was a mother caring for her child. (The female deputy is Claudia Apolinar, a former librarian.)

I’d set aside time to write today, only to have my time hijacked by my children — and they will always be my priority.

Don’t worry that anything was wrong. They just wanted my time to talk and get advice about things. And honestly, to have young adults who still think Mom has something worth saying . . . that’s precious and I’m not going to turn away from it.

I’m thinking of motherhood today, because of a thought that occurred to me as I watched that amazing female deputy in Compton to take care of the situation as she did. I wonder if part of what made her able to keep her cool and care for her partner didn’t come about because she’s a mother.

I don’t mean to sound sexist, but I think that, for most women, there’s some switch that goes off in their brains once children come along. It’s not a martyrdom switch, although many women get that switch.

Instead, it’s a “take care of emergency situations” switch. After all, going back tens of thousands of years, if that switch didn’t kick in when something happened to a mother’s offspring, that mom was less likely to have her children survive long enough to pass on her genes.

If you have the stomach for it, I recommend these two videos, both of which give you a sense of how bad things were for those two deputies, and what they — and especially she — did to survive:

I want to see both deputies at Trump’s next State of the Union address. I’m hoping and praying that it is he, and not Biden who gives the address. Can you imagine this man delivering a state of the union address:

One of the things I just realized is that there can never be a “bad lip reading” video of Biden. You remember those silly videos, right?

The problem with Biden is that he’s already speaking gibberish: