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Bookworm Beat 11/2/16 — the “Please Save America” edition and open thread

This is it: the countdown to learning whether Obama will have been successful in fundamentally changing America or whether we can still resurrect something from the wreckage. This is an umbrella post with a variety of articles that touch upon the election, America’s culture wars, politics generally, the Middle East,

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[VIDEO] Pat Condell: “This [election] is a genuine fork in the road.”

Pat Condell places American politics in the larger context of European versus American style governance. As he says, Obama has already pushed America very close to the European model, whether one looks at economic issues, social issues, national security issues, or immigration policy. Condell’s clarity is enormously helpful in understanding what I’ve

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Coughing up the Kool-Aid

Sometimes, things just come together.  After shamefully neglecting my facebook, I checked in today and got a letter from a friend, asking why non-Jewish Americans should still support Israel when both American and Israeli Jews have so consistently made bad choices in support of that nation.  It’s a good question,

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