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The Bookworm Beat 5-18-15 — the “but wait, there’s more!” edition and Open Thread

I’m still going through my emails and finding fabulous treasures. Let’s so how many I can fit into this post: Revolutions always eat their own Assuming one survives a revolution, one of the most enjoyable spectacles is seeing the second generation of revolutionaries turn on the first. Just today, there are

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Zac Efron

In my Friday Open Thread, I promised that I’d blog about Zac Efron.  First off, let me clear the air here and explain that I haven’t developed some pathetic “middle-aged woman/teenage boy” obsession with him (although he does bear an uncanny resemblance, girlish hair and all, to the teen idols

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From the McCain campaign to the world

The McCain campaign is giving substantive responses to the attacks the Obama campaign is leveling against it: TO:                 Interested Parties RE:                Empty Words And Insults Cannot Cover A Weak Record DATE:            September 15, 2008 Over the last few days, the Obama campaign has watched their poll numbers falter and decided

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