Answering the question: Why in the world do [insert name of group] support Democrats?

If you want to know why identity groups support Democrats even when doing so is counter to their interests, there’s one reason, and one reason alone….

Support Democrats Donkey Democrat PartyPractically since the day I started blogging, at which time I revealed myself to be a politically conservative Jew, I’ve regularly been asked the same question: “Why in the world do Jews support Democrats?” It’s an excellent question because the facts on the ground are that, for the last 20 years, while the Democrat party’s politicians have paid lip service to supporting Israel and their affinity for the Jewish people, the reality is that Democrats are hostile to the Jewish state and invariably throw their emotional weight behind those who hate Jews and Israel.

When Democrat convention-goers in 2012 loudly and vehemently objected to identifying Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, people asked me, “Why in the world do Jews support Democrats?”

When Obama referred to the deliberately targeted Jews shot in the kosher market in Paris as victims of a “random” act, people asked me, “Why in the world do Jews support Democrats?”

When the Democrats insisted on swelling the American Muslim population by bringing in hordes of people who, even if not actively violent, are actively antisemitic, Jews were in the front row saying “bring them in.” It was then that people asked me, “Why in the world do Jews support Democrats?”

When Obama used his 2009 Cairo speech to erase 3,000 years of Jewish history in Israel and, instead, tie the Jewish state’s creation solely to the Holocaust, people asked me, “Why in the world do Jews support Democrats?”

When the Democrats almost elected Keith Ellison, a former member of the violently antisemitic Nation of Islam to be their party chair, people asked me, “Why in the world do Jews support Democrats?”

When Obama, practically as his last act as president, told his UN ambassador to stand down when the UN voted to deny the Jews’ ancient ties to Israel, people asked me, “Why in the world do Jews support Democrats?”

But it’s not just all things Jewish that elicit that question.

When Asians are routinely discriminated against at school due to affirmative action, despite the fact that Asians are a non-white minority, people ask me, “Why in the world do Asians support Democrats?”

When high-achieving blacks who are invariably assumed to have gained their achievements, not through merit, but by being pushed forward thanks to affirmative action, people ask me, “Why in the world do middle-class blacks support Democrats?”

Today, at American Thinker, there’s an article asking why in the world the children of conservative parents — in this case, Jared and Ivanka Kushner and the Murdoch sons — support Democrats.

Obamacare has been a disaster for the health care industry, and it was a disaster that anyone with even a basic understanding of markets and economics could have predicted. Doctors, however, supported it in droves, so one has to ask “Why in the world do doctors support Democrats?”

In Silicon Valley, it’s not just the super wealthy executives who support the Democrats. It’s also the mid-level and low-level drones who do, despite the fact that their bosses aggressively push for policies that hurt them economically, not the least of which is their fervent desire to bring in cheap Indian labor for programming jobs. “Why in the world do both the “working” and the “monied” classes in Silicon Valley support Democrats?”

In big cities throughout America, at the end of eight years of Obama and the Democrat party, young people can’t afford housing and can’t find jobs. Many of them live in their parents’ basements, with minimal hopes for the future. “Why in the world do these dead-ended young people support Democrats?”

In addition to those people who support Democrats despite the party’s values and policies being antithetical to these same supporters’ well-being, there are also whole industries that are entirely Democrat. Here are just a few, although I’m sure you can think of more:

  • Media figures, whether producers, writers, investigators, or editors.
  • Public school teachers.
  • Corporate management.
  • Government employees other than teachers.

I’ve listed a pretty diverse group of people: Jews, blacks, Asians, teachers, corporate management and corporate drones, unemployed students, scions of conservative parents, etc. Don’t let this superficial diversity confuse you. There is, in fact, a common denominator tying all of these disparate groups together.

That common denominator is the American system of colleges and universities. It’s at these institutions that Asians, Jews, middle-class blacks, America’s white-collar workers, and the children of conservative movers and shakers get their values.

Colleges and universities are where they learn to love “social justice,” economic redistribution (especially through the climate change vehicle), affirmative action, victim politics, anti-Americanism, anti-Semitism and, most importantly, the Democrat party as a whole. And that’s where these same groups achieve their endless, ignorant, baseless disdain for our Constitution, our traditional America values and allies, the free market, and Republicans.

This post doesn’t have room for examples, but you can get a sense by checking Campus ReformThe College Fix, or Turning Point USA to learn about classroom insanity. And then you can look to the front page of any paper, conservative or Leftist, to see how the campuses are shutting down free speech to drive out any speakers who might destroy their ideological hegemony.

No wonder that one of the Democrat party’s perpetual goals is to make college free for everyone. College is their propaganda factory, their happy hunting grounds, their breeding place, their drone department. That’s how they get whole classes people to go against their economic and security self-interests and infuse in them the kind of visceral hatred for Republicans that most recently manifested itself in Colbert’s inane and obscene rant against President Trump. This hatred has been taught since the 1960s and, sub rosa, since the 1930s and onward, when communists deliberately targeted academia.

If I could get Republican politicians and leadership to listen, I would tell them that, if they really want to win future elections, the single thing that they should do is to stop sending American taxpayer money to colleges and universities. Stop guaranteeing student loans that flood campuses with money, money that the campuses use, not to improve education, but to ramp up even more their professional Leftist grievance system. And most importantly, stop funding any studies in any liberal arts department.

Moreover, to the extent the federal government has an interest in funding the sciences, stop tying those funds to women and minorities. Tie them to proven results — which means that all universities that are dedicated to proving that their computer models, despite never being accurate, are in fact accurate, should immediately be cut off from the federal teat.

Assuming that a miracle happened and we stopped forcing all Americans to fund propaganda institutions for just one of the two parties in our two-party system, I have a suggestion for what we can do with the money we save: Return it to taxpayers.

My second suggestion is to fund trade schools, although I’m afraid that, if that’s where the money goes, the Leftists will follow. Rule of thumb: Leftists always follow the money.

If you care about America, lobby your Congress critter to severely cut the flow of money to America’s colleges and universities. Let those damn institutions compete in the market place for a change. It might change some thinking all the way to the faculty and administrative level.

And here’s the perfect video to close out this post:

Photo credit: Democratic Donkey Caricature, by DonkeyHotey. Creative Commons license.