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The Bookworm Beat 9-27-2015 — the “things that make you think” edition and open thread

Boehner was merely an effective manager, rather than an effective conservative Andrew Klavan is kind enough to point out that Boehner was in some measure a very effective House Majority Leader: I can’t help but notice that under Boehner — and largely because of Boehner, because Boehner outsmarted President Obama in the

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The ugly “abortion culture” mindset, #PlannedParenthood, and the many lies the Left tells credulous vagina voters

It’s not that I’m completely anti-abortion.  As is the case for the majority of Americans, I recognize that there are circumstances in which abortion may be appropriate.  It’s that I’m completely anti-“abortion culture.” I am opposed to a worldview that is so invested in the mantra that “it’s a woman’s

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The Bookworm Beat 7-25-15 — the Lazy, but interesting, edition

As you may have gathered from the number of things we did every day on our recent trip to Virginia and environs, ours was not a restful vacation. I capped off the fatigue with a cold and, since our return, have been having a very hard time motivating myself to

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