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Is it the silver bullet?

NPR today had a story about Democrats seeking an issue to draw their voters to the polls.  The issue they’ve picked is the minimum wage.  Democratic strategists think that Republicans have repeatedly bested them by using ballot initiatives to draw out their base.  In past elections, as in this one,

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The liberal blogs

I’m always fascinated, when visiting my favorite bloggers, to see the things they find on the liberal blogs. I’ve never had any success reading some of the most popular liberal blogs, though. Many are written in a kind of shorthand that reminds me of the bulletin board at my high

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Dems once again show how little they think of their constituents

Dems have, for decades, shown how little they think of the African-Americans who constitute their most loyal and reliable constitutents. In statement after statement, and policy after policy, they show that they believe African-Americans to be incapable of caring for themselves without government intervention; incapable of making educational strides without

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