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Jay-Z foolishly engages Trump

Bookworm Beat 1/28/18 — the brilliant Trump Jay-Z beatdown edition

From Trump’s epic response to Jay-Z, to Dennis Prager’s surprise admission, to Daniel Greenfield’s Leftist exposé, and more — there’s lots of brilliance here. Trump’s genius approach to Jay-Z’s “superbug” attack. I am getting wise to the ways of Trump. That’s why I know that the war into which he’s

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Confederate slave man and a brother

“Confederate”: Both HBO and its doubters double down on racial canards (Edited w/the addition of Part II)

HBO is in trouble for producing “Confederate,” an alternate history in which the South won the war. The irony is that HBO and its foes are both wrong. (Only half of this essay was posted initially.  My mistake.  I have added the second half below the line.  My apologies. [Bookworm

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Cultural Appropriation Harriet Beecher Stowe

If cultural appropriation had existed in 1852, blacks might still be slaves

Black Progressives who decry cultural appropriation might want to remember that a white woman’s empathetic rendering of slavery helped spark the Civil War. The Los Angeles Review of Books published an anguished rumination from Arthur Krystal (a white, Jewish guy), wondering if cultural appropriation ever has merit or if it

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[VIDEO] How important was the South’s “peculiar institution” to the Civil War and why does it still matter today?

Following our trip to Virginia, Maryland, and Southern Pennsylvania, a trip that took us to Fredericksburg, Manassas, Gettysburg, and Antietam, we’ve been watching Ken Burns’ The Civil War.  The documentary, which I failed to follow back in 1990, is somehow much more interesting now that I’ve seen the stone wall in

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