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Have California’s Democrats made a couple of serious errors?

Two news stories suggest that California Democrats have alienated major constituencies in that once lovely and now benighted state. In 2020, California’s population was 39,538,223 people. Two years later, it was estimated to have shrunk by .9%, leaving it at 39,185,605 people. That’s a significant trend for the nation’s most

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Bookworm Beat Woman Writing American Left's Fascism Russia Hoax

Bookworm Beat 12/5/18 — the American Left’s fascism

Taking a hard look at the American Left’s fascism (its silencing speech, antisemitism, and moral depravity), with room for some fun and uplifting news too. The Flynn sentencing memo shows collusion. No, I haven’t gone crazy. Instead, I agree with Joel Pollak, who says the memo highlights that the real

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Anglo-American legal system

Is Mentioning America’s “Anglo-American Heritage” Racist?

Jeff Sessions wasn’t racist for using the term “Anglo-American heritage,” but the outrageous outrage over it is progressive politics at its most disgusting. I am sure you have heard about this.  A few days ago, CNN breathlessly highlighted in a report that Attorney General Jeff Sessions, in a speech to the National Sheriff’s

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