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Give ’em an inch, and they’ll take a mile *UPDATED*

San Francisco recently abandoned its policy of giving refuge to illegal immigrants if they were juvenile offenders.  Now, unsurprisingly, we learn that criminals were taking advantage of the City’s useful idiot policy and playing it for all it was worth.  You see, almost a third of the so-called “juvenile” offenders

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If you masquerade as a US citizen, you’ll be treated as one

Back in 1989, Bay Area locals were stunned to learn of a horrific massacre up in Sonoma County: [Ramon] Salcido, now 47, used a gun and knife to murder his wife, Angela Richards Salcido, 24; their daughters, 4-year-old Sofia and 22-month-old Teresa; his mother-in-law, Marion Richards, 47; her daughters, 12-year-old

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