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Pelosi rips Trump's state of the union speech

SOTU: Another reminder, if one was needed, about the Left’s juvenile narcissism

The backdrop to Trump’s superb speech about America’s greatness was the malignantly narcissistic Dems indulging in an extended adolescent temper tantrum. I enjoyed Trump’s speech because it was a magnificent statement about America becoming a nation that benefits not the 1% but the 99%. In a funny way, Trump is

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Friday afternoon round-up and Open Thread

The Taliban has hit Marin County (indirectly).  Marin County is headquarters for Roots of Peace, an admirable charity that seeks to advance agricultural development in poverty-stricken areas.  It has an outpost in Afghanistan, where it seeks to enable the Afghani people to feed themselves.  The Taliban can’t have that kind

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The audacity of narcissism

Everybody’s talking about it and no wonder.  “It,” in this case, is today’s Charles Krauthammer article dissecting Obama’s staggering self-involvement and recognizably clinical narcissism.  The article is a tour de force insofar as it highlights the worst of Obama’s egotism.  I’ll help out just a little here by providing a

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