The Left uses sex to break up American families

I had an interesting conversation with my mother, who may be 90, but is still sharper than most people you’ll meet.  We got to talking about the Gosnell abortion/murder trial, which came as something of a surprise to her.  Despite the fact that she watches the news and reads the newspaper, she hadn’t heard a thing about it.  That wasn’t a surprise to me.

From there, the conversation wandered to the moral merits of abortion.  My Mom came of age in a time and place when abortion was neither approved of nor frowned upon.  It just existed.  In the turmoil after the war, when people were starving in cities decimated by fighting, having a baby seemed like an impossibility — and it could be a death sentence for both mother and child.  Nobody approved of abortion in war-torn streets, but they didn’t stop it either.

For that reason, it’s always been hard for my mother to understand the fervor Americans feel about abortion.  To her, it just . . . is.  (That’s probably the case for a lot of people who aren’t committed to one side or another of the abortion debate, which is why the media couldn’t risk the Gosnell trial coming into the open, in case it swayed indecisive people into the pro-Life column.)

While Mom couldn’t quite get the morality of abortion, I was able to get her to understand that the modern American state uses abortion to separate children from their families.  We’ve talked before here about the fact that, in California, youngsters under 16 or 18 can’t play paintball, get their ears pierced, or get a fake tan without a parents’ permission.  They can, however, get birth control, get abortions, and get treated for sexually transmitted diseases, all without a parents’ knowledge.  Putting aside the invitation to the worst kinds of child sex abuse, what’s happening here is that the state promises children the keys to the kingdom of pleasure.

Food and shelter are necessities.  Good food and good shelter are pleasures.  But sex . . . there’s the ultimate endorphin rush.  Mom and Dad, being mean, spiteful people, won’t let you have it, and they’ll give you Hell if there are consequences because you ignored their strictures.  The state, though, it puts no obstacles in your path.  Indeed, it helps you along with condoms, birth control pills, patches, and morning after pills.  If you get pregnant, you get the Morning After pill or an abortion, and if you get an STD, it gives you antibiotics — all without the knowledge or consent of the people who, in 90% of all cases care about you most in the world.

The Left claims that this legislated immorality is to protect young girls from abusive parents who will leave them homeless or beat them if they come home pregnant.  (Again, let’s ignore the fact that everything the Left does actually encourages the sexual abuse of children.)  Using an argument that focuses on an extreme minority, the Left has put us in a position that sees all girls and boys in America get to have free sex courtesy of the State.  The state has driven a wedge into the family unit, using the most potent endorphin driver available to motivate and reorient young people.

When I put it that way (as opposed to debating abortion’s morality), my mother suddenly sat up very straight, looked me straight in the eye, and said “But that’s socialism!”  I practically jumped up and down applauding that she had realized what was going on. It turned out there was a reason for her insight.

I’ve mentioned before that my Dad came from a Communist milieu and, while he eventually voted for Reagan, his sister remained a devoted Communist until the day she died.  Although she escaped Nazi Germany and eventually ended up in Palestine (and, after the War of Independence, in Israel), she decided that this young socialist state wasn’t properly committed to true Marxist socialism.  She therefore returned to East Germany, where she lived out the remainder of her life.

She was still living in Israel, though, when my Mom and Dad got married.  One day, when my Communist aunt was present, the subject of children came up.  Mom said that she wanted to wait until she had a nice home of her own and some security before she had children, so that she could have the joy and comfort of really raising her own family.  My aunt was shocked.  “No.  That’s wrong.  The children belong to the State.  You do not have the right to withhold them from the state, which should raise them.”

With this conversation living in her memory, my mother immediately understood the ramifications of a government severing the ties between parents and children.  In some places, such as Mao’s China, it uses coercion.  In America, it uses sex.  No matter the method, the goal is socialist.

Keeping in mind the above, it’s understandable why people who fear socialism (as I do) greeted with howls of outrage the MSNBC contributor who said quite clearly, “All your children are belong to us.”  Melissa Harris-Perry framed it cutely as it takes a village to raise a child, but that soft overlay covers pure, brute-force socialism.  Villages are voluntary communities that share values.  Homes are the ultimate refuge of the individual.  Socialism holds that individuals have no value, except to the extent that they provide bodies to power the socialist state:

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  • JohnC

    Sex sells. Sex is biggest selling point for Leftists. Any kind of sex, anytime you like, with anyone you choose. All the contraceptives you need. Of course, there will still be ‘accidents.’ But the Leftist religion of indiscriminateness demands that all choices be considered equal and so they must not be referred to as ‘babies’. They are ‘things.’ Just suck ’em out and toss ’em in the garbage. No guilt, no hang-ups, no regrets and no morals. Besides, morals are just based on one’s personal opinion. Who’s to say what’s right or wrong?
    The media is lousy from top to bottom with Leftists. The Gosnell trial lays bare all the rot and evil of Leftist indiscriminateness. It must be suppressed. It threatens the system. It shows the hard, cold reality of what abortion really is; monstrous. It might even change some people’s minds and that will not be allowed.

  • JohnC

    I understand if anyone does not wish to click on any of these links. 
    There are times when we must view evil in order to understand its depth.
    The first link is a PDF of the grand jury report on Kermit Gosnell – for anyone who wants info directly from the official government report. You need to have JavaScript turned on. This is a very difficult story to read. I can’t imagine being on the jury. This what the media is choosing NOT to report. It can not allow people to know of this.
    Warning: Page 118 has a very graphic photo called “Baby Boy B, slit neck.” The picture is not gory, but is infinitely horrible.
    This what the media is choosing NOT to report. It can not allow people to know of this.
    These links contain downloadable versions of the image”Baby Boy B, slit neck” :
    Smaller image:
    Larger image
    Remember, to Leftists this is just tissue. It means nothing.

  • biancaneve

    Random thoughts here:
    The pro-aborts don’t like parental notification laws because they want to protect girls from abusive parents.  We all know there are some abusive parents, so this does benefit (if you can call getting an abortion a ‘benefit’) some girls.  But they ignore the girls who now become easy prey to pedophiles, are abused by them, and the abuse is never uncovered because the evidence is aborted.  The pro-aborts would rather side with the abusive pedophiles than with the abusive parents.  Abuse is evil, but siding with pedophiles over parents is also evil.  In the mind of a leftist, parents are a greater threat than a pedophile.
    The Lefties absolutely do not trust the family and must break it up.  Hence the emphasis on gay marriage, teen sexuality, single mothers, etc.  As long as we have a strong family to rely on and support us, we will be able to resist the encroachments of the state, but take away family support, and it is so much easier to break down resistance and make everyone dependent on the state.
    Lastly, I recently read a memoir about a young woman who grew up in Czechoslavia during the Communist years.  What shocked me was how little trust there was among family members, parents and children, siblings, aunts and uncles.  Socialism/statism breeds mistrust and suspicion, even among family members.  After the fall of communism she came to the US and married an American, then planned a trip back to the Czech Republic for a family reunion as a way to introduce her husband to her family, and she had to explain to her family what a family reunion is.  Statism had so undermined the family that it was unheard of for extended families to get together just to enjoy each other’s company.  (How can you enjoy someone’s company if you’re worried that you’ll say the wrong thing and arouse suspicion?) 
    Driving a wedge between parents and their children is nothing less than evil.

  • JKB

    Well, there has been some blowback on this front.  One was a report not long ago where the parents were trying to force their daughter to have an abortion but a judge quashed that, plus putting the parents on the hook for support.  
    The sex culture also seems to be burning out a bit.  
    Yale‘s senior women have a nickname to describe themselves: SWUG. A Senior Washed-Up Girl.

    Read more: 
    Seems by 21, college girls are getting the old whore syndrome.  They are finding the hook-up culture isn’t that life affirming.  No worries though, the original article does end with the authors opinion that in a year, the SWUGs will be the new meat on the street in NYC or Boston, etc.  But will they?  Once emptiness is recognized, can you reseal the hole?
    Now this is interesting, Online ed works—for sex, alcohol, and health — Joanne Jacobs  So, to up the learning on these issues some find embarrassing to discuss in class, do it online.  So producing a fair and balanced sex ed course for online learning could undermine the pressure of a progressive teacher.  Not to mention, get kids learning real facts.  
    Interesting aside, could online learning be a way to introduce those embarrassing conservative topics like capitalism, pride in American history, etc?

  • Ymarsakar

    Sex is fundamentally desirable for humans due to the way our DNA works and how it needs to be passed on for the survival of the greater species.
    However, the old line of “sex sells” is often used to imply that the media and the Left does what they do for money, that this is their goal so to speak. It could not be further from the truth. It is entirely the reverse. They sell sex because they use the money for their Deus Ex Machina Utopia. Since people who sell drugs need to limit the supply and increase demand, the Left increases the demand for sex. They rely on their enemies to serve as the “limit” on the supply.
    The Left was evil long before Gosnell and they will be evil long after. Gosnell is very inconsequential in the greater scheme of things. For the Left has done a thousand times more evil than Gosnell and if Gosnell is the “top of evil” for people…. they lack imagination of the true evil.
    The Left knows this is true because they feel no hesitation in defending Gosnell. That is because they know that they have done even worse, which they might feel regret for, but this is nothing in comparison.

  • Ymarsakar

    While people are justifiably outraged by Fast and Furious, Obama’s… antics, and various Leftist schemes, monopolies, slave plantations, and pro criminal pro rape policies…. I often try to tell these people that they don’t really understand what’s really going on inside the Left.
    All those things… are nothing. They are nothing compared to the stuff You Don’t Know. Take the most hideous thing you ever saw from the Left or connected to the Left, multiply that by about One Hundred 10x s, and you might be close to the real deal. You might get a glimpse at the things the Left is doing that You Don’t Know.

  • Mike Devx

    Concerning Kermit Gosnell and his Murder House Of Abortion Horrors…
    I think Obama was heard to say, “This fellow was providing a needed service, but some folk think his methods were not optimal.”
    And Hillary Clinton is supposed to have lost her temper a little bit and said, “Look!  With all due respect, the fact is we have women who needed an abortion and they all successfully got one. Whether the tissues were inside the uterus or outside the uterus, or whether this Gosnell decided not to go for a walk on these nights,  to go kill some American fetuses…  What difference at this point does it make?”

  • Bookworm

    Mike, if I had a little “like” button, I’d put it right by your comment because of that brilliant Hillary moment.

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