Heil, Google! A round-up of interesting takes on a fascist corporate culture

Google’s promise was that it would allow an unfettered platform for free speech and thought. Its college-grad employees, though, made it a fascism farm.

Google Logo Orwell Big BrotherI stopped using Google’s search engine years ago, although I’m still chained to Gmail. I was one of the first Gmail users back when it was in beta and it would upset my life a great deal if I had to switch email addresses. Still, depending on how Google comports itself in the next couple of months, Gmail may have to go too. There’s no reason for my email use to advance its fascist agenda.

Did I say “fascist agenda”? Why, yes, I think I did. That’s because Google’s decision to fire an employee who dared to speak out against the Leftist lockstep that governs everything from its workplace to its search algorithm manipulations is entirely fascist. Google is its own little state, one governed by hardcore Leftist ideology, and anyone who speaks out against that must be purged.

I actually don’t have anything original to say on the subject, but there’s so much smart stuff out there, I thought I’d share it with you. Let me begin with a collection of employee self-written bios that Paul Joseph Watson found (click on image to enlarge):

Robert Avrech takes a much-deserved swipe at the Stalinists on the Fainting Couch:

James Damore was fired for expressing his opinions. Google his name and you will find that the left-wing press is demonizing him relentlessly.

Ironically, the entire affair proves his conclusions. By firing him, Google has proven that it is an intolerant ideological echo chamber.

Several fragile female engineers stayed home from their jobs at Google because the memo made them feel uncomfortable, or unsafe, or whatever parlance these overgrown babies default to in order to impose their cultural fascism on the rest of us. Presumably, these female engineers took to their fainting couches for a few hours in order to get over the shock of a non-leftist opinion.

In Stalin’s Soviet Union, the gulags and graveyards were filled with people who expressed opinions that the leadership considered incorrect.

In America, the left does not build gulags… not yet, anyway. Instead, it resorts to shame and creates unemployment.

Read more here.

Daniel Greenfield points out that the problem isn’t limited to Google. As long as Google controls much of the internet, it’s a problem for all of us:

James Damore is an FIDE chess master who studied at Princeton, MIT and Harvard. He had been working as a software engineer at Google for four years.

Danielle Brown is the new Vice President of Diversity at Google. She has an MBA from the University of Michigan and campaigned for Hillary.

She had been working at Google for a few weeks.


Google is a search engine monopoly that makes its money from search ads. It began with a revolutionary idea from young engineers much like Damore. Then the engineers became billionaires. And the company that began in a garage hired a Vice President of Diversity to get rid of the brilliant young engineers.


Google has embedded partisan attacks on conservatives into its search and news territories under the guise of “fact checks”. It has fundamentally shifted results for terms such as “Jihad” to reflect Islamist propaganda rather than the work of counterterrorism researchers such as Robert Spencer. And it wasn’t the first time. Google had been previously accused of manipulating search results during Brexit.

Censorship has long been a problem on YouTube. And it will now officially be caging “controversial” videos using a method developed by Jigsaw. Formerly Google Ideas, Jigsaw is Google’s left-wing incubator developing social justice tech.


Damore, like so many of us, wasn’t thinking the way that Google thought he should be thinking. And so it dealt with the problem by getting rid of him. When users search for results that Google doesn’t like, it guides them to what it thinks they should be looking for. If they persist, then the results vanish. If they upload videos it doesn’t like, they get censored. That’s the totalitarian left-wing Google model in action.

Google is approaching the ecological dead end of its technological niche. There’s not much else to do except make fringe investments that are little more than disguised advertising and build more free apps to feed into its own ad business while driving traffic to them through its search and Android leverage.

If the business model ever fails or the government takes a closer look at its abuses, then it’s all over.

Read more here. Every word is a gem.

The Wall Street Journal’s editorial board, in its conclusion to an editorial focusing on the Orwellian Google culture, throws in a point I’ve been pushing for a long time, which is that America’s campuses are the breeding ground for this fascist insanity, because they seed America’s white collar infrastructure:

Many on the left are dismissing Mr. Damore as an alt-right nut. But the monolithic progressive culture incubated on college campuses clearly has spread to corporate America. The emergence of a backlash is no surprise.

Read the rest here (assuming it’s not behind a pay wall).

Ben Shapiro, who has been all the way to Congress in service to free speech, offers his take on Google’s repression:

But Google isn’t just liberal; it’s leftist. It’s so leftist that its vice president of Diversity, Integrity & Governance, Danielle Brown, participated in a public scourging of an unnamed Google employee who had the temerity to question the company’s odd focus on “diversity” hires.


But according to Google itself, such wrongthink must be curbed. And so, Brown stated that the memo “advanced incorrect assumptions about gender.” Not controversial — incorrect. The facts, you see, must be made to fit Google’s theory. Furthermore, said Brown, “I’m not going to link to it here as it’s not a viewpoint that I or this company endorses.” But there was good news. “Diversity and inclusion are a fundamental part of our values and the culture we continue to cultivate,” she said.

Yay, diversity! Shut up, guy who disagrees!

Read the rest here.

David French goes right to the “heart” of the matter:

If there is one good thing that can perhaps come from Google’s abrupt firing of Jeffrey Damore, the employee who wrote a memo urging the company to increase its ideological diversity and try different, non-discriminatory methods for increasing female participation in tech fields, it’s this: The entire incident helps expose the intellectual rot at the heart of identity politics.


Consider: According to identity politics’ adherents, phrases like “melting pot” are offensive in large part because they ostensibly require distinct subcultures to “melt” into the dominant social structure. By contrast, identity politics celebrates distinct cultures and distinct experiences. Intersectionality teaches that only members of of a given culture truly understand and “own” their own experience. Indeed, modern social-justice warriors revere these distinctions so much that they’ve concocted terms such as “cultural appropriation” to draw and police sharp cultural lines. Black culture and its trappings belong only to black people. Asian culture to Asians. Don’t you dare veer from your own cultural zone.

At the same time, however, that they reject the melting pot, deride assimilation, and despise cultural uniformity, these identity-politics proponents actively argue that these allegedly “distinct” cultures should and do make critical career decisions in lockstep with their precise percentage of the population. Women, African Americans, Hispanics, and Asians have vibrant, different experiences that white men can’t understand, but when it comes to careers, they’d make the same choices that educated whites do — if they could. (I added the qualifier “educated” because, as my colleague Michael Brendan Dougherty noted yesterday, few feminists are lining up to protest disproportionate male representation in gritty, dangerous blue-collar fields.)

It’s enough to send any culture warrior reeling for the fainting couch (which is what some of Google’s women apparently did). Read the rest here.

Although Niall Ferguson doesn’t specifically name Google, his opinion piece in the Boston Globe, targeting Leftist repression of free speech, applies perfectly to Google’s fascist agenda:

With few exceptions, American conservatives respect the Constitution. The modern American left, by contrast, thirsts to get rid of one of the most fundamental protections that the Constitution enshrines: free speech. If you want to see where that freedom is currently under attack in the United States, accompany me to some institutions where you might expect free expression to be revered.


Nor is it only right-wing speakers who have been targeted. Bret Weinstein, a biology professor at Evergreen State College in Washington state, always thought of himself as “deeply progressive.” In May, however, it was his turn to fall victim to the unfree speech vigilantes. Weinstein refused to acquiesce when “white students, staff, and faculty” were “invited to leave campus” for a day. In response, a group of about 50 students confronted him outside his classroom, shrilly accusing him of “supporting white supremacy” and refusing to listen to his counter-arguments.


Freedom is rarely killed off by people chanting “Down with Freedom!” It is killed off by people claiming that the greater good/the general will/the community/the proletariat requires “examination of the parameters” (or some such cant phrase) of individual liberty. If the criterion for censorship is that nobody’s feelings can be hurt, we are finished as a free society.

Read the rest here — and then share it.

The Babylon Bee writes this as a joke, but I know Google would do this if it could:

At a special press conference held at the technology giant’s sprawling campus Tuesday, Google engineers revealed exciting new technology that autocorrects any errant thoughts its users are having, replacing them with positions approved by the company.

Utilizing advanced retinal scan and proprietary telepathic scanning technology, the new automatic thought correction algorithm is now live for users of Google’s search engine, Android operating system, Chrome OS, and the hundreds of other apps and services the company provides.

“Let’s say you start thinking there may be some kind of inherent biological difference between men and women,” Google employee Ryan Vo said in a live demo of the new tech. “Immediately, the thought suggestion program in any nearby Google device, app, or service will scrub the idea of inherent gender differences and replace them with the sure knowledge that there are at least three hundred different genders in existence, and always has been.”

“Google will begin rebuilding your mind, piece by piece,” he added to the cheers and applause of the tech bloggers and industry professionals gathered.

Read the whole thing here.

Finally, Dennis Prager talks about the Left’s war on true liberalism:

You can find the full transcript here. Also, please note that the video was uploaded on Vimeo, not on YouTube. The latter is a Google-owned company that has been censoring Dennis Prager’s wonderful PragerU videos.