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No. 20 Bookworm Podcast — all about the NeverTrumpers and changing minds

I’ve got a new podcast up and this post gives you a quick rundown regarding the extraordinary treatment according Trump that makes him incomparable. To those of my friends who preferring reading over listening, I totally understand. My preferred way of getting information is also through reading. Still, I’ve learned

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The future as pre-written past; or the Left’s peculiar relationship to “history” *UPDATED*

To me, history is what was.  It’s the past that’s been and gone forever. To people on the Left, however, history is the future that they shape, which they presume their Leftist scholars will later enshrine in propagandistic history books.  I thought of that peculiar viewpoint last night when watching

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Senate candidate Scott Brown (R) reminds us how far Democrats have drifted from JFK *UPDATED*

Good ad: [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iddquwGpXM0[/youtube] Massachusetts has drowned itself in the Kool-Aid since 1972, but maybe a strong Republican candidate, a strong message, and an insane Democratic party can make the difference. UPDATE:  If you’d like to contribute to Brown’s campaign, here’s his website.  As Kate said in the comments when she

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