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This year’s Nakba commemoration coincides with slightly changing attitudes towards Israel in the Middle East

Today is Nakba Day, the day Muslims the world over violently commemorate the “disaster” that was Israel’s creation. (JoshuaPundit explains what nakba is really about and why it is such a loathsome commemoration.) But here’s something interesting: Even as anti-Israel sentiment burns ever brighter on America’s college campuses, most recently

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A few articles that I’d like to recommend about Obama and Syria — and why I’m no hypocrite when it comes to supporting Iraq and not Syria

Peggy Noonan, who can be very good, talks about how Obama got us into this mess and the contortions in which he engage to save face. Peter Wehner talks about just how bad this mess really is, even with Putin having given Obama an out. A Politico article about the

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