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Mob Illustrated edition post-election counting

The Bookworm Room 7/17/16 — the “I’m all riled up” edition and open thread

Blacks and Muslims should be angry at their criminal cohorts, not at us. In the context of an article about political correctness, Andrew Klavan said something I’ve been struggling to say for some time. He acknowledges that blacks are on the receiving end of much more police activity, something frustrating

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Bookworm Beat Honduran Invasion Ukraine

The Bookworm Beat 5/24/16 — the “world keeps turning” edition and open thread

I’ve switched migraine medicines and have been a little limp and dazed, but the migraines are passing and my energy is returning — so what better thing to do than write a round-up? No, more Muslims will not save us from the ones we already have.  Daniel Greenfield takes up

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Hugo Chavez is dead, GR

Hugo Chavez has finally succumbed to cancer.  Normally when I write a post heading highlighting someone’s death, I add a “RIP” to the post title.  That seemed inappropriate here, given that my very first thought when I read that was dead was “Good Riddance” — hence the “GR” in the

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And democracy wins, by a hair

From Venezuela, apparently just enough voters looked into the abyss and were afraid: Venezuelans, by the slimmest of margins, rejected a constitutional referendum that would have allowed President Hugo Chavez to seek re-election indefinitely and tightened socialism’s grip on the oil-rich Latin American nation. By 51 percent to 49 percent,

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