2020 & the Great Convergence II: The Coming Storm (Updated)

The progressives will not accept a Trump victory in November, thus ending an unbroken history of 232 years of peaceful transfer of power in our nation dating to when the Constitution was adopted in 1788.  Seemingly the only question is how progressives will attempt to end Trump’s tenure if their vote-fraud-by-mail schemes fail to deliver victory?



In a recent post, I pointed out that we are seeing, in 2020, a “great convergence” of:

To put this in perspective, the progressive left is attempting to balkanize America.  They have condemned our history and seek to erase both our history and our culture as immoral. It is, in many ways, our version of the bloody Maoist Cultural Revolution.  The radical neo-Marxist progressives are intent on turning us into groups of warring tribes — and they are perilously close to succeeding.   As Victor Davis Hanson recently wrote:

We are living in the most racially polarized climate since the 1960s. America’s past, present, and future are in the process of being recalibrated entirely through the lens of one’s skin color. Columbus is reduced to nothing more than another racist white Italian sailor of a half-millennium past. Grant might as well have fought for slavery in the mind of today’s campus ignoramus. Apparently, the Antifa thug thinks he could just as easily have written the Gettysburg Address or sculpted a statue of Frederick Douglass.

The old liberal ideas of assimilation, integration, and intermarriage are being destroyed by the Left under the specious doctrines of cultural appropriation, or “acting white” or “how we look is who we are.”

A new fuzzy Jim Crow returns with racially segregated campus safe spaces and theme houses or the race-based reeducation and training sessions in the workplace—all predicated to stop racism! Somehow selecting strangers on the basis of their race to bully in a restaurant, or targeting old anonymous men and women to beat up in the street by their race, or singling out suburbanites by their race for racial taunts and profanity is redefined as reparatory justice or overdue payback—on the assumption that no one would dare say that the arson, looting, and rhetoric are descending into ever more hate-filled nihilism.

Our collective future of nationalized tribalism will become what always results when citizens identify by superficial appearance or shared religion. Just go to Lebanon, the Balkans, or Iraq to see what is in store first hand. . . .

This is, collectively, the predicate to the coming storm.  On the ground, the armed wings of the Democrat Party, BLM and Antifa, have executed over 570 violent riots in 22 cities during the past several months, most tolerated, if not outright aided and abetted, by local and state officials, including DA’s funded by George Soros.  The left is stoking a race war even as they comprehensively attack the pillars of our society and Western Civilization as a whole.   Tyler O’Neil, at PJM, has written an insightful article likening this convergence and the violence in the streets to the similar events that occurred in the years prior to 1861 and the start of our first Civil War.  For his part, Weather Underground ex-terrorist Bill Ayers agrees. Just as a reminder, the Civil War, fought in the days of largely solid-shot cannon, single-shot rifles, cutlasses and bayonets — and in a country of only 31 million people — cost the lives of well over six hundred thousand Americans, more by far than any other conflict before or since.  All four horsemen of the apocalypse roam the land anywhere there is civil war.

Recently, Ms. BWR has posted, opining both that only Trump stands in the way of a “planned leftist takeover” and, in a separate post, that the left has long sought to politicize my beloved military and now expects that the military will side with the progressive left in any coup attempt.  I would not have believed that possible, but then today I read this about former Gen. and then Sec. of Def. Mattis:

. . . Mattis went to Washington National Cathedral in May 2019 to pray about his concern for the country under Trump’s leadership. Soon after praying for the country, he told Coats, “There may come a time when we have to take collective action” because Trump is “dangerous. He’s unfit.”

That is the last straw in opening my eyes.  It comes on top of Admiral McRaven, not long ago, all but calling for a coup.  It has been an ironclad rule in our nation since 1776 that all military personnel stay out of politics, but that rule seems now to have crumbled. Like McRaven, there have been other flag officers who have weighed in publicly against our Commander and Chief in a sort of modern day Conway Cabal.  These flag officers are politicized people steeped in arrogance with no loyalty to our nation.   They have violated their honor and their oaths. It is the military Obama built, and it horrifies me.  That said, I cannot see the military — the bulk of whom were and likely still today are, conservative, at least in the enlisted and field grade officer ranks — following orders to take part in a coup.  But what will they do if the commanders refuse orders to put down riots?  When units start turning upon their commanders or each other — something reasonably foreseeable at this point — a civil war involving all Americans will have arrived.

The progressive left’s lawlessness has been growing by leaps and bounds ever since Obama began to, ulawfully and tyrannically, legislate and rule by the pen and phone after 2012.  In 2016, the left took that to another level when they demonstrated their willingness to tolerate lawlessness when it rebounds to them — ignoring the politicization of government bureaucracy under Obama, outrageously excusing Hillary Clinton’s crimes and ignoring the FBI/DOJ whitewash of the same; embracing the Russia hoax to destroy Trump’s presidency; and in 2019, conducting a lawless and unconstitutional Star Chamber proceeding and calling it an impeachment.  Then, since March, Democrat Governors have taken to ruling by fiat, ostensibly because of the Wuhan flu, while openly supporting BLM and Antifa’s war on our cities.

Not only has the progressive left shown that they now hold the Constitution and laws in contempt, they are openly plotting that, not if but when they return to power, they will change the rules of the game such that they then remain in power for decades, if not permanently.  To name but a few of the plans they have quite seriously floated:

In all of this, they have virtually lockstep support from a media that has jettisoned all journalistic ethics.  And should the neo-Marxist succeed in taking power, they would immediately begin extra-legal targeting of Trump’s constituency.  This election is for all the marbles.

Does anyone expect that the progressives, having thrown everything that they have against Trump over the past four years without driving him from office, will accept a Trump reelection?  Their attempts now at October surprises are, as Victor Davis Hanson describes them, “comical” and they reek of desperation.  Far more importantly, there can be no doubt that the progressives are inviting massive vote fraud by pushing for vote by mail (see also here), particularly in states that allow ballot harvesting — both tactics to be supplemented by lawfare:

Apart from having Antifa intimidate at the polls, the Biden Campaign has hired hundreds of lawyers to supposedly prevent Trump from stealing the election, but who, in reality, are intended to muck up with legal technicalities and lawsuits what is looking more and more to be a Trump landslide. At least until they “find in someone’s trunk” or manufacture enough votes to turn the election.

And this from Prof. Jacobson at Legal Insurrection:

The Red Mirage” theory, recently floated by a Democrat data firm and promoted by Axios, predicts that Trump will have a large lead on Election Night that will evaporate in the ensuing weeks as mail-in ballots are counted. It provides a ground upon which Democrats will refuse to concede the election either Election Night or even the following day. Rather, the claimed certainty that there is a wave of Biden mail-in votes yet to be counted is all Democrats will need to make a concerted post-Election Day effort to steal the election.

I wrote about this in “The Red Mirage” theory provides the justification for Democrat mischief post Election Day:

What is the significance of all this?

Democrats are going to try to steal the election after Election Day. The way they tried to steal Florida 2000 through selective recounting until the Supreme Court stopped them. If Trump is far ahead on Election Day, there will be pitched battles in swing states to count ballots in Democrat areas that arrive late or that don’t comply with the rules, and to disqualify valid ballots in Republican areas. The “Red Mirage” theory is the excuse to try.

Having spent four years perfecting resistance litigation against Trump, there is little doubt that Democrats will try to find a judge somewhere somehow who will issue an injunction or other relief to enable this theft to take place. Such relief may not ultimately prevail, but it will further the chaos.

Bernie Sanders and others are calling for a plan to remove Trump in the event he resists their coup.  At the same time, Hillary Clinton is advising Biden not to concede the election.  As Ann Althouse comments on these tactics that the progs laughably portray as only being motivated by truth, justice, and the American way:

There are way too many people who should know better who are stirring up the forces of chaos. The idea that these people are going to help if there’s new chaos as the vote is tabulated and fought over seems overly optimistic. We are already having a national nervous breakdown and if there are “sober people” who “see reality unblinkered by the lens of partisanship,” where the hell are they? Partisanship clouded the perception of reality quite a while ago, and it’s going to continue and get worse in the next 2 months. Who has the credibility to “preserve the order of our civic structure” so we can get through some creditable tabulation of the vote? Nobody. Nobody even wants it. The fact that the discussion is focused on the idea of big bad Trump refusing to leave makes it all too obvious.

My original thought was that the chaos caused by vote by mail, lawfare, and then the refusal of Biden to concede would see no final result by January 2021.  I imagined Progressives would then, without bloodshed, attempt to push the decision into the House of Representatives.  But even though that body as constituted is majority Democrat (232 – 198), the Constitution, Art. II, § 1, Cl. 3, provides that, when the House is voting for President, “the Votes shall be taken by States, the Representation from each State having one Vote.”  That would be a problem for the progressive left because there are, by my count, 27 states with majority Republican representation in the House.   So this will either be an election stolen fair and square or an attempt at an outright coup.

[Update:  As Bach D notes in the comments, the XXth Amendment would come into play in the event the election is not settled by January 20, 2021.  One, that Amendment provides that the new Congress will be seated on January 3, so they, along with a new Speaker, not the current House and Speaker Pelosi, would be tasked with the issue of dealing with the election.  The Presidential Succession Act provides that, in the event no President or Vice President has been formally elected by January 20 following a general election, then the Speaker of the House becomes acting President until the election is settled.]

It seems sadly appropriate to be writing this post on 9-11, the 19th anniversary of the last and deadliest attack within the borders of our nation.  The people who executed 9-11 were an ‘outside’ threat that we have since, in large measure, decisively defeated.  Radical Islamists are fading away as a threat to the survival of our nation.  But we stand today in far more fundamental danger to that survival than we ever did on Sept. 11, 2001.  It is also ironic that the person who described our current predicament was none other than Abraham Lincoln, the man who watched as Democrats led us into Civil War in 1861 to protect slavery.  Said Lincoln:

America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.

The storm is coming and indeed, we may falter.  How bloody and bad it will get, only time will tell.  The progressives are preparing for war.  It should chill everyone in this nation to the bone when Sara Carter writes:

An op-ed published in The Washington Post Thursday suggested Americans should prepare for war if the election result is anything short of a Joe Biden landslide.

Take them at their word.  My next post will address what we should expect from the coming storm and how to both weather it and to contribute to winning it.