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Happy Independence Day!

245 years ago, our Founders stated for the first time the notion that humans have God-given rights. Woe betides us if we forget this Truth. A contributor to American Thinker reminds us of something very important — that the Founder’s great idea wasn’t “liberty.” Instead, our Founder’s great idea was

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Donald Trump NOT Right Wing

Trump is not Right Wing because America has no Right Wing

American conservatives, Trump included, by definition cannot be Right Wing, because their primary goal is to lessen government control over the individual. John Lott wrote an article challenging the media’s contention that the New Zealand mosque shooter is “right wing” and, naturally, tying that right-winged-ness to President Trump and his

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A phenomenal talk about the Constitution and how to make it meaningful to America’s young people

I had the great pleasure today of attending a phenomenal talk by Prof. David Bobb, president of the Bill of Rights Institute. BRI uses original source documents to help teachers and students understand America’s founding document and to see how it’s still relevant today. Its ultimate goal is to bring to an

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Progressives already have their sights set on Obama’s next executive order — gun control *UPDATED*

I’ve been reading on Facebook what my Leftist friends, and their Leftist friends, have to say about Obama’s imperial pronouncement on amnesty.  One comment struck me especially strongly, because I have no doubt that Obama already has something prepared on his desk.  I’ve changed the wording slightly to protect the Facebook

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