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A cursory look at some of the day’s most interesting news

Every day lately brings some interesting news. This post sums up a few of the top stories, along with my opinions about why they matter. I’m watching, fascinated, as events unfold in Saudi Arabia. I suspect Trump has a hand in it and I certainly hope the Crown Prince’s modernization push goes

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After the Orlando shooting, Leftists again fail to read the handwriting on the wall

Belshazzar was a great king who sneered at the Bible, partied decadently, and failed to read the handwriting on the wall when he might still have saved himself and his people.*  His story is the story of the American Left. For the entirely of the Obama presidency, the Left focuses

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The Left’s inordinate fear of speaking Islam’s name #Paris

Immediately after radical Islamists slaughtered at least 128 people in cold blood, and wounded more than double that number, my Facebook feed lit up with posts and posters expressing solidarity with the people of Paris.  I’m posting here a sampling of the images included in the posts.  As you scroll

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The Bookworm Beat 8-10-15 — the “is school starting yet?” edition and open thread

I’m having my own personal dog days of summer: the exchange student arrives today, school starts next week, the older child heads out into the world next month, and the dogs . . . well, the dogs just keep being their wonderful selves. In the meantime, even as my life

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